What to Expect on Election Day

If a voter chooses to cast a ballot on Election Day, he or she must go to their assigned precinct. The precinct can be located by using the "Where Is My Precinct" button on the homepage. Locations are also listed in the local paper prior to Election Day. Compare the precinct number on your Voter Information Card to the one listed in the paper to determine the location of your polling site or call the Supervisor of Elections Office at (850) 838-3515.

Voting should be a quick, satisfying experience if you follow a few simple steps.  Here are some tips on what to expect at the polls on Election Day:

First, a voter should notify a poll worker should he or she need assistance to vote. A voter may bring someone to the precinct location for assistance or a request can be made to the poll worker to provide assistance.

Be sure to bring your picture and signature ID - such as a Florida Driver's License - to the polls with you.  To ensure a quick process, any changes to your name and address since the last election should be updated with the Supervisor of Elections office prior to Election Day.  If you do not show a valid picture and signature ID, you must vote a provisional ballot. If the signature on record at the Supervisor of Elections office matches the signature on the Provisional Ballot Certificate, the canvassing board will accept the ballot.

When you arrive at your precinct, a pollworker will ask to see your picture and signature ID (see accepted forms of ID below), find your name in the precinct register and ask you to sign for receipt of your ballot.  It is important that you review your ballot for accuracy prior to casting your ballot.  Once your ballot has been accepted by the voting equipment, no further changes or corrections can be made.


Florida Statute 101.043 requires each voter to present one of the following current and valid picture and signature identifications at the polling place

 Accepted documents are:  

Florida Driver's License
Florida Identification Card issued by the DHSMV
United States Passport
Debit or Credit Card
Military Identification
Student Identification
Retirement Center Identification
Neighborhood Association Identification
Public Assistance Identification
Veteran's Health Identification Card
Concealed Weapon or Firearm Permit
Employee Identification Card issued by
Federal, State, County or City

Any combination of these documents may be presented to fulfill the photo and signature requirements.

 Election Day Voting Schedule

Polls open at 7:00 am
Polls close at 7:00 pm

If you are in line by 7:00 pm when the polls close, you will be permitted to cast a ballot.