Meet Dana

Taylor County's Voting System


Taylor County Board of County Commissioners purchased our voting and tabulation system in 2017 with the Dominion Voting System Image Cast Evolution which you will hear us refer to as the ICE unit. The ICE unit is an integrated accessible voting solution. This accessible option protects the privacy, anonymity and dignity of the voter while allowing audio ballot capability and enables voters of varying abilities to navigate, complete and cast a paper ballot that is indistinguishable from one that’s conventionally marked by hand.

The ICE unit is an optical scan tabulating device that reads paper ballots. In Taylor County, the paper ballots are designed with ovals to the left of each candidate or issue that the voter must completely fill in indicating their choice. The ICE unit is designed to be used by every voter, including those voters who might need assistance to vote.

The voter is issued a paper ballot. Using the pen provided, the voter records their vote by completely filling in the oval next to the candidate or issue of their choice.

After marking the ballot, the voter takes their ballot, in the secrecy folder, to the ICE unit and inserts it into a slot on top of the machine.

The ICE unit will then read the votes cast and deposits the voted ballot into a locked and sealed ballot box. 

With the ICE unit, if you overvote a race (voting for more candidates or issues than allowed in a race) or if you leave your ballot completely blank, it will be returned to you when you insert the ballot into the ICE unit. This gives the voter the opportunity to correct their ballot so that the voter can be sure that every vote counts. 

If the voter makes a mistake on his ballot, they may return that ballot to be spoiled and receive another one.  (F.S. 101.5608 (b) states that in no case shall a voter be furnished more than three ballots.)

Dana Southerland, Supervisor of Elections, Taylor County
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