Vote in Honor of a Veteran

The Supervisor of Elections office is proud to have the Vote in Honor of a Vet program for the voters of Taylor County. Each and every family in America has been affected by the various conflicts and wars our nation has fought over the years. The sacrifices our veterans have made on behalf of this great state and nation stand as examples that emphasize the need for us to take our responsibilities seriously, especially our right to vote. The goal of Vote in Honor of a Veteran program is to encourage voter participation among our entire voting population, as well as to have another avenue to teach our voting age youth about the sacrifices our veterans have made and continue to make so that we may continue to live in a democratic society. By exercising our right to vote, we show veterans and service members the respect they deserve for protecting our country. Veterans have always served us honorably; it's time we give them the recognition they have earned. The next time you vote, Vote in Honor of a Veteran.

In today's society most young adults are not interested in voting because they don't feel that the issues and candidates have anything to offer them, therefore why should they vote. Your Supervisor of Elections, Dana Southerland, is hoping that by pledging to vote in honor of a family member or friend that proudly served our country will encourage someone to register and vote that might not otherwise participate.Vote in Honor of a Veteran is a way to show respect to those who fought to preserve our right to vote.

This is how the program works. Veterans and family members of veterans who wish to participate will complete a short biography on a Vote in Honor of a Veteran biography form and submit a photograph, preferably one in uniform. These photos will be scanned and returned as soon as they can be processed. You may also email the photograph to us at Biography forms can be submitted on behalf of an active veteran, a discharged veteran, a MIA, POW or a deceased veteran. All veterans are welcome, both past and present.                  

The Supervisor of Elections office is encouraging all Taylor County voters to Vote in Honor of a Veteran. Our hope is to personalize the voting experience for everyone and show our gratitude to those who have given so much to us all so that we may continue to live in freedom and exercise our right to vote.

There is a wall in the Taylor County Supervisor of Elections office designated as our Wall of Honor, and each veteran's photograph that is submitted to the program will be posted on that wall. All veteran biography forms submitted will be kept in a notebook inside the elections office for interested citizens to view.

You don't have to be related to a veteran to vote in honor of one. You don't even need to know a veteran personally. You'll do your part if you simply go to the polls at election time and Vote in Honor of a Veteran. It's that simple.

The Vote in Honor of a Vet program includes all persons who ever served our country, whether in peacetime or wartime, for a minimum tour or retired, whether deceased or still missing in action. We need your participation to make this valuable program a success.

Citizens are encouraged to call or come by the elections office and pick up a brochure on the Vote in Honor of a Veteran program, view our Wall of Honor and flip through our Veteran Biography Book.

Please feel free to make copies of the Veteran Biography Form and distribute them as you wish, or simply complete the form on line and submit it for yourself. Forms not completed on line should be mailed to P O Box 1060, Perry, Florida. If you have further questions, contact Dana Southerland, Supervisor of Elections, at 850-838-3515.

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