November 4, 2014


A General Election is an election held on the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November in the even-numbered years, for the purpose of filling national, state, county, and district offices and for voting on constitutional amendments not otherwise provided for by law. 


Your Supervisor of Elections office wants to know – “Are You Election Ready?” With the 2014 General Election less than 60 days away we would like to encourage you to check your voter status now. Ask yourself these four simple questions:

  •    Am I Registered to Vote?
  •    Has My Name Changed?
  •    Do I Need to Update My Signature?
  •    Has My Address Changed?

October 6, 2014

 The voter registration books are now open and now is the time to make sure you are election ready. The book closing date is the statewide deadline to register to vote. The book closing date for the General Election is October 6, 2014. If you need to register to vote, you must complete a voter registration form and submit it to the elections office on or before this book closing date. Once the registration books close, only updates to a voter’s name, address and signature shall be permitted.

Please click on the My Registration/Absentee Status button above to verify your voter registration status. You may also call your Supervisor of Elections office at 850-838-3515 to verify and update your registration.



As your Supervisor of Elections office begins preparing for another exciting and busy election cycle, I would like to encourage each of you to start preparing yourself as well.

  • Have you checked your registration status
  • Do you need to update your address
  • Do you need to update your signature
With the closing of the 2013 Legislative Session, new changes to Election Laws are coming with the passing of House Bill 7013. These changes will take effect by January 1, 2014 and will include several significant changes to the Florida Election Code that include:
  • Flexibility with early voting days, hours and locations
  • Limits the length of the ballot language
  • Request for absentee ballots to be mailed to address other than address on file in Florida voter registration database must be in writing and signed by voter
  • Absentee ballots returned with voter certificate unsigned may now be corrected with a voter’s signature affidavit and a valid identification by 5pm on the day prior to an election
  • Primary Election date will now be 10 weeks prior to General Election
  • Address changes made on election day from another county within Florida will no longer require a provisional ballot, if the move in county is using electronic databases at the polling place
  • Prohibits the supervisor from delivering an absentee ballot to a voter or a voter’s immediate family member on Election Day unless there is an emergency to the extent the voter will not be able to go to their polling place
  • Makes it a first degree misdemeanor for anyone who, for pecuniary or other benefit, distributes, orders, requests, collects, delivers or possesses more than two absentee ballots per election in addition to his/her own ballot or the ballot of an immediate family

We will be spending a lot of time over the next several months making sure that the voters of Taylor County are made aware of these election law changes.

I would like to end by thanking the citizens of Taylor County for allowing me to serve you. I am deeply humbled by the responsibility you have entrusted in me. Even though there will never be a perfect election, it is my goal to strive for error-free elections and to ensure integrity of the electoral process.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have a question, comment, or complaint regarding your voter registration or voting experience. My office is located on the second floor of the County Courthouse and my door is always open. Please feel free to call, email or stop by at any time.

With kind regards,
Dana Southerland
Supervisor of Elections