Election News


Your Supervisor of Elections office mailed approximately 4,258 address confirmation request cards back in February of this year while conducting our registration list maintenance as required by F.S. 98.065. These cards were mailed to those registered voters who have not voted in the last two years and who did not make a request that their registration record be updated during that time. If you received one of these mailings it is very important that you return it, failure to respond to this card could place your voter registration in an inactive status.

With the increase in voters using Absentee Mail Ballots to cast their ballot as well as anticipating a large voter turnout for the 2016 Presidential Election, your Supervisor of Elections is in the process of mailing a voter registration application to all voters who have not updated their signature on file for five (5) years or more. Signatures are compared with each and every absentee mail ballot that is cast and every candidate or initiative petition that is signed. In an effort to ensure that your signature on file is up-to-date, we will be providing you the method in which this must be completed. If you need to make any additional changes to your voter registration record, such as change of name, address or party affiliation, you may use this same form to do so.

With the first election of the 2016 election cycle just a few months away, your Supervisor of Elections office has already started getting public records request for voter registration information. We want to assist you in understanding Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes which pertains to public records. This law makes any record made or received by any public agency in the course of its official business available for public inspection and copying, unless specifically exempted. Where this law pertains to voter registration information, exempt information includes your social security number, your driver license number, absentee ballot request information (except for certain entities), and information as to where, when and how you register to vote. Your signature is open for public inspection but not copying. Once these voter registration records are released to the general public this office has no control of its use. If you have any questions concerning your voter registration record don't hesitate to call your elections office at 850-838-3515.


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